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Frequently Asked Questions

What ethical manufacturing processes do Kudu and Mimi follow and what are their certifications?

Care and consideration has been taken to ensure Kudu and Mimi is an ethical company all the way through its supply chain. Working conditions and fair treatment for our manufacturers and their workers is of great importance to us. Our cotton manufacturers are WRAP and Sedex certified. Our leather manufacturer has engaged with Kudu and Mimi with a transparent supply chain of ethical production.

What type of leather does Kudu and Mimi use for their bags?

Kudu and Mimi use high quality 100% cow hide.

How do I care for my leather?

All products made from natural leathers will age over time. Your bag will require oiling to replace the moisture that it loses over time and with handling. You can regularly use a leather care product to replace those oils and keep the leather supple. We recommended that you use one that is designed specifically for caring for bags. Also please note that you should never use a product that contains Lanolin – so be careful using baby wipes to clean your bag as they can often contain it. Always test a small, unseen part of the bag before applying the product to the whole of the bag.

Regularly wiping your bag with a dry cloth will help to preserve the look of the leather
Remove dirt and small marks by wiping the leather with only a small amount of pressure
Let water spills dry naturally
Note - A new pair of jeans may transfer their colour to your bag if they are rubbed against it
Remember that if you want to use your bag every day it will wear out faster than if you rotate your bag
Scratches cannot be prevented, so take care when putting your bag down

Why should I choose leather?

If you are concerned about the environment and recycling you should embrace the use of leather because it is a renewable resource. As long as people eat beef instead of soybean substitutes the hides for making leather will be there as a byproduct. Our bags have been made with leather as it is a durable product that when taken care of should last a long time. This conscious choice to purchase a bag to last is reducing your impact on the environment.

What children’s charities are we supporting when we buy from Kudu and Mimi?

Every item purchased from Kudu and Mimi supports our chosen children’s charities. Every purchase from the 2017 collection of leather bags supports the Australian based, not-for- profit organisation CLAN (Caring and Living as Neighbours). CLAN is dedicated to the dream that all children living with chronic health conditions in resource-poor countries of the world will enjoy a quality of life on par with that of their neighbours' children in wealthier countries.